Flute Compendium

“A Compendium of all Flute solo literature composed after 1970”

Based on my many years of experience with solo flute literature, I am planning to create a compendium of all the modern works (from piccolo through Bass flute) composed as of and after 1970.
The target group for this extensive list are soloists, teachers, students, and those who have not had the opportunity to have an extensive contact/ experience with the works written for flute within more than a half a decade. This compendium includes all nationalities.
My compendium will not only include a worklist with composers names, titles, year, and publisher, it will also encompass information as to the requirements for performance; if previous new music techniques are necessary and to what extent, as well as a classification (easy, medium, difficulty) of the composition.
This Project is supported by the German Music Council.

I would be more than happy to include your works in my compendium.
Please send me a list of your compositions for this Genre. The list of works should include the following information:

  • Title of piece
  • Year of composition
  • Publishers information

Please do not send scores/ I probably already have your music in my extensive collection, if not I will contact you personally.

Please send your list to my Email: